Hello, I’m Arturo Dueñas.

A Senior Multidisciplinary Designer with 10+ years pushing pixels and helping to build businesses. Since 2008 I have been driven by my passion for design and helping support growth in business. My specializations include graphic & web design, UI/UX, e-commerce, digital marketing, and brand development.

Case Studies



Allergy Buyer’s Club is the online destination for healthy-home products. Since 1998 they have offered expert reviews, a curated expert selection of well-known brands, and top-performing healthy home products with great value. Their online store has a variety of products including air purifiers, dehumidifiers, HEPA vacuums, allergy-free bedding, cooling bedding, water test and purification products, mattresses, and much more.

  • Project: Brand Development, E-Commerce Website UX & Visual design
  • Year: 2018 – 2021



The most important aim of The Pure Company is to contribute to the well-being of their customers and their families in a meaningful way by providing a suite of healthy home solutions that are well-designed, intuitive, and durable with results they can feel.

  • Project: Brand Development, E-commerce Website UX & Visual design and Development
  • Year: 2018 – 2021



ActivePure Technology was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame alongside many other amazing technologies such as GPS, satellite radio technology, LASIK, cochlear implants, and more. Their informational website talks about their technology and its benefits for people that are looking to improve the air quality of their homes or business.

  • Project: Website UX & Visual design and Development
  • Year: 2020 – 2021

Photo Gallery

Visual Design Projects

“Good enough” isn’t good enough when it comes to how your brand presents itself to the world. That’s why I take the time and effort to truly get to know my clients and their projects. Then, I take what I’ve learned, and distill it into things like breathtaking logos, graphics, and gorgeous websites.

Visual Design Project – Beyond by Aerus

Landing Page design and informational graphics

Visual Design Project – Beyond by Aerus

Product Page design and informational graphics

UI/UX Design Project – Vollara

Registration Form Pages for Distributors

UI/UX Design Project – Allergy Buyers Club

Shopping Cart Prototype Design

UI/UX Design Project – LaundryPro

LaundryPro Digital Brochure and Landing Page Design

UI/UX Design Project – AVEC Events

AVEC Events Digital Brochure and Landing Page Design