Creative Design and Marketing

Welcome! I’m Arturo Dueñas a Visual Design & Front-end professional from Dallas, TX with over 10 years of experience working on graphic and web design, marketing and brand identity development.

About Me

In my career as a designer, I had the opportunity to work on hundreds of projects with over 500+ clients local and outside the state. Confident in my natural raw talent I’ve accomplished many goals in my career, business, and personal life.

My passion for design and being creative is what drives me every day to work. I love what I do and making a living from my passion has been the greatest privilege of my life.

My motivation comes from the belief that no design is perfect as nothing is perfect in life. So I ask myself this question: Why aim for perfection? Instead, I try to enjoy each project and express myself through my work. I firmly believe that designers need to free themselves from all these rules and focus on creativity, innovation, passion, and love for their work.